Activities to Avoid After Your Facial

Anyone looking for youthful, glowing skin can benefit from a facial or skin renewal treatment. Whether the problem is acne or early signs of aging, a med spa facial can leave patients feeling and looking their best. And unlike more dramatic procedures, facials require no downtime. Here are a few things patients should keep in mind when undergoing the treatment. 

Within the First 24 Hours Following the Procedure 

Patients can return to their normal day after a facial, including returning to work. But, heavy makeup and facial products should be avoided, even if the skin is red after the treatment. Skin renewal treatments already open pores more than normal, making skin more susceptible to bacteria. Normal makeup routines can resume the next day, but this is a great opportunity to thoroughly clean those makeup brushes! 

Any activity that can cause sweat should also be put off for 24 hours. This includes going to the gym and anything that gets the heart rate up, as increased heat and sweat can be irritating to the skin. Even the sauna should be avoided, as the steam can cause skin sensitivity and broken capillaries. 

Within a Few Days 

Even after resuming normal makeup routines, patients should avoid exfoliating for a few more days. Skin is exfoliated during the facial, and over-exfoliating can lead to inflammation, irritation, and irreversible damage. Other harsh products, like retinols, at-home peels, and salicylic acid-based cleansers or toners should also be avoided for a few days, as they turn that radiant glow into red, irritated skin. Finally, it’s best to put off pool days and vacations, but if they’ve already been scheduled, wearing sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat are absolute musts. Check out more great sun protection tips.

 Within a Week 

Any kind of skin treatment—such as waxing or laser hair removal—needs to be spaced out at least a week after the facial. The exact amount of time will depend on which products were used and the intensity of exfoliation, but most med spas will require patients to wait a minimum of one week before receiving waxing and laser treatments. These treatments exfoliate the skin, and that over-exfoliation can actually lift and burn the skin, causing nasty, painful scabs. 

When you visit About Face Medical Aesthetics, PLLC for your skin renewal treatment, your medical team will provide you with exact instructions for beautiful, glowing skin and a successful recovery. Call us today at 603-821-9540 or request a consultation with our med spa team today!

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