• Do not apply creams or lotions to areas being treated. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment.
  • Your treatment may last several hours. Please eat a light meal prior to arriving. We
    happily provide snacks and drinks. If you would like, we will order you lunch while you are being treated. You may bring your own if you have any special dietary needs.

What to Expect During your CoolSculpting Procedure:

  • Photos, body mapping and consent forms will be completed before the procedure is started. 
  • As the procedure begins, a vacuum-suctioned applicator is placed on your targeted areas, and the tissue is drawn up to fill the applicator. 
  • You may experience sensations of deep pulling, tugging and pinching and/or intense stinging/burning, tingling, aching and cramping. As the tissue starts the cooling process, the tissue will quickly become numb, and the sensations will subside. 
  • You may also experience similar sensations when the applicator is removed, and the two-minute manual massage begins. This can last up to 10 minutes post massage, or not at all. Everyone responds differently to the process.

What to Expect Post-Treatment:

  • Most patients can resume their daily routine as they see fit immediately after their
  • Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary redness,
    swelling/moderate bloating, blanching, bruising, firmness, numbness, tingling,
    stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity.
  • Please call the office if these conditions persist beyond 2 weeks or worsen over time,
    as there is a non-narcotic prescription we can order into your pharmacy for you.
  • Your Coolsculpting provider will follow up with you 2-4 days after your treatment.
  • You may start to see a gradual reduction in the volume of fat layers as early as 4
    weeks, but optimal results are seen 3–4 months after the procedure. At this point we
    will see you back in the office for follow-up photos and additional treatments. This appointment will be made when you check out on procedure day.

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