What Is Xeomin®? 

When the muscles between your eyebrows contract due to squinting or frowning, the skin furrows and folds. As the skin ages and loses elasticity, these repeated contractions can result in persistent frown lines.

 Xeomin®, which contains botulinum toxin type A as its active ingredient, works on muscle nerve endings to inhibit muscle fiber contractions. This reduction in contractions can temporarily diminish the lines between your eyebrows.

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The Science Behind Xeomin®

Here’s how it works:

  • When injected, it acts on nerve endings in muscles to prevent muscle fibers from contracting
  • By doing so, it helps to relax the muscles and reduce the wrinkles they cause on the overlying skin
  • The active ingredient in Xeomin® works selectively, which means that only the injected muscles will be affected, allowing for regular facial expression to remain unaffected in untreated areas

What Makes Xeomin® Different From Other Neuromodulators?

Xeomin® is produced using a specialized precision manufacturing technique, XTRACT Technology™, which involves two filtration steps to isolate the therapeutic element while excluding unnecessary proteins not actively engaged in treatment. This purification process contributes to a lower risk of antibody formation, reducing the likelihood of resistance over time. It is an excellent option for patients with resistance or tolerance to other neuromodulators.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Xeomin®?

This may be the ideal solution if:

  • You are over 18
  • You have moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows that you wish to minimize
  • You’re in generally good health and do not have any neuromuscular diseases (e.g., ALS, myasthenia gravis)
  • You’re not allergic to botulinum toxin or any other components of Xeomin®
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding

What to Expect: Before, During, and After


The process begins with a consultation with the professionals at About Face. During this meeting:

  • We will discuss your cosmetic goals
  • We will review your medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate
  • The areas to be treated will be examined, and our injector will explain how Xeomin®
  • Cosmetics can help achieve the desired results

The Injection Procedure

Our highly-trained facial aesthetics team will inject the treatment into your forehead lines with a fine needle. Treatments usually last 15-30 minutes, with minimal discomfort.

Post-Treatment Care and Results

It's normal to experience some mild redness, swelling, or bruising, which should subside the same day. With our Xeomin® in Stratham near Portsmouth, patients can return to their daily routine without taking any significant time out of their schedule.

In terms of results, patients notice smoother wrinkles as soon as 3-4 days following the injection, with the maximum effect appearing after 30 days. In clinical trials, the results lasted up to three months.

Why Choose About Face for Xeomin®?

Benefiting from a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years, our exceptional team is dedicated to connecting you with the results you deserve.
Having delivered outstanding results to patients in Stratham, Portsmouth, and neighboring areas for the past decade, we are confident that we can assist you in achieving a more natural and rejuvenated version of yourself.

We work closely with each patient to devise a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific objectives. Get in touch today to schedule your consultation for Xeomin® in Stratham, NH!

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