• Avoid direct sun exposure for four to six weeks prior to treatment.
  • Discontinue use of products that contain retinol, glycolic acids salicylic acids, prod and any other products that cause dryness or irritation to skin for 5 days prior to treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores please notify your provider as a prophylactic medication may be prescribed to prevent an outbreak.
  • Please arrive to your appointment without makeup.


  • A feeling of warmth, excessive dryness, inflammation, irritation and itchiness to treatment area may be experienced, and in some cases, swelling may occur.  The level of peeling can vary from light flaking to deep peeling and may vary with each treatment.  Peeling usually begins within 48 hours post-treatment.
  • It is important to avoid activities that will increase body temperature for 72-96 hours after treatment.  This includes strenuous exercise, as well as use of hot tubs and saunas.  Doing so can cause blistering of skin and may increase the development of further hyperpigmentation of skin.
  • The gradual darkening of pigmentation will occur prior to peeling.  These areas will look worse before they look better.  Do not to rub, pick, or scrub peeling skin, as doing so can cause permanent scarring.
  • The skin’s sensitivity to sun is greatly increased after a chemical peel.  Daily use of SPF (minimum 30) with frequent reapplication is necessary for the health of your skin and to protect your investment. Direct sunlight should be avoided for four weeks post-treatment.
  • Resume retinol and regular skin regimen in 7 days or once skin no longer feels irritated and peeling has subsided.  Using medical grade skin care will help to maintain the effects of your chemical peel.
  • Chemical peels can be scheduled every four to six weeks until skin goals are achieved.
  • With Vi Peels, you will receive an at-home care kit.  It is important to follow the instructions within the kit to ensure the best results from your treatment.
  • Please avoid any other type of skin treatments, including waxing for 2 weeks after your chemical peel.

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